Multimedia Research

We are your professional and enthusiastic partner for all creative and ambitious projects covering editorial and commercial ventures as well as digital media.


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Editorial projects and advertising clients


Art Buying and Photo Research

Striving to find the most original and creative artists for our clients has become my personal and my staffs goal.

Each of the work sourced for your diverse requests provides the unique style, technique and visual impact you expect. We don't give up before finding the perfect imagery, footage or entire project for your unique concept, bespoken design and innovative idea.

Photography and footage is closest to our heart. We admire its capacity to capture a glance, a moment, frieze time and take you and your clients to a remote place or situation - all at once.
It is the framing of marvel and we love to show you what is out there for your editorial and advertising design projects.   

Our fees are tailored to your individual needs - and more importantly to your budget. You can demand extremely flexible working arrangements which is streamlined to your business process and keeps everything in step. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for a more in-depth look at the exceptional services we can deliver for you. We consider everyone and everything: a small job or a vast project. 

Industry-related Services

Text and Interview researches

Commissioning photographers, videographers, illustrators, writers

Production service (fashion, beauty, portrait, travel, reportage)

Location service (including all administration + permits)

Celebrity requests (bookings, rights, approvals, fees)

Translation Service (English / German)

Holiday and temporary picture desk and art buying replacement

Project development and visual consultancy

Consulting service for Photographers and Photolibraries

.... amongst a variety of other services and requests we deal on a daily basis for our clients


"K & R Media provides a well-diversified spectrum of tailor-made services for publishers, editorial staff, advertising agencies, professional photographers and videographers.

The team at K&R Media is professional in its work, trustworthy, can cope under a great deal of time pressure and bears a remarkable knowledge of the world of media.
We are proud to offer a worldwide service to all our clients since we have expanded our services from the United Kingdom to other territories.

We customize our work and fees exactly to the individual requests and budgets of our clients. Discuss your ideas and inquiries with us and we will make sure to provide the best service at a fair price. 



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